Mars SP-250 LED Full Spectrum Hydroponic Mars Hydro LED Grow Light


Coverage: 2’X4′
Max Yield: 2.5g/watt
PPFD: 448-550 µmol/m²s
Replace HID/MH: 400w
Draw Power: 232W + – 5%@AC120V 242W + – 5%@AC240V

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Out of stock



Item NO. Mars SP 250
Coverage 2’X4′
Max Yield 2.5g/w
Compare to HPS/MH/HID 400 watt
Draw power 232W + – 5%@AC120V 242W + – 5%@AC240V
Spectrum 380~410nm, 650~660nm, 730~740nm, 3000~3200k, 6000~6500k
Chip Brand Epistar
Plug Type EU,UK,AU,USA,Japan
Humidity ≤90%
View Angle of LED 90°-120°
Work Temperature -4°F ~128.84°F (-20°C ~ 53.8°C)
Lifespan 50000 hours
Dimension 1080x90x80mm
N.W/G.W 5.1000 kg
Warehouse US, CA
UPC Number 686494423275